Allow Mini Pigs In Kingston!

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First off the bat I will introduce myself, my name is Krista Williams and I am currently looking to move to Kingston with my mini pig Winston. I got Winston back in November 2017 and ever since getting him there has been nothing but happiness and joy.
Winston is a mixed Vietnamese potbelly pig and is 1 years old and weighs in so far at 60 pounds, he is litter trained, harness trained, loves cuddles and loves sleeping in my bed at night, Winston is just a little bigger in size than my Pomeranian but weighs quite a bit more of course, Winston is extremely smart and extremely affectionate.


So why am I fighting for this?
Well mini pigs have been around as pets since the 1980’s, they are so far legal in the following cities here in Canada

-Airdrie, Alberta

-Portage LA Prairie, Manitoba, Canada

-Brantford, Ontario, Canada

-Guelph, Ontario, Canada

-Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

-St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

-Stratford, Ontario, Canada

-Kent County, New Brunswick, Canada

-RM of Ste. Anne, Manitoba, Canada

-Chatham Kent, Ontario, Canada

-Welland, Canada

-Enderby, British Columbia, Canada

So why aren’t they allowed in Kingston Ontario?

Well I brought it to a few councillor’s attention but it was not brought up at any meeting, so now it’s time for a petition to show them how many people feel it is okay to have them.

Mini pigs have been misunderstood from city officials for quite a long time now, they believe pigs only belong on farms, they believe sanctuaries are getting over crowded with pigs because the owners can’t take proper care of them. In some cases that may be true but in most cases it’s because of the zoning.
In Kingston they are not allowed in the city causing many families to unfortunately give them up,
if only they would legalize pigs, the amount of abandoned pigs would decrease.

Mini pigs are extremely smart animals, they are adventurist and extremely loveable, they are perfect for people who can’t have a pet cat or dog due to allergies as pigs are hypoallergenic, mini pigs give those people a chance to finally have something for companionship.

Right now officials believe that pigs are not suited for the city


They believe pigs are not pets

-Fact: Pigs have been pets since the 1980’s


They believe pigs will make us sick

-Fact: Pet pigs present a very low zoonotic risk to humans. You are far more likely to get sick from your child’s classmates or a stranger at the grocery store than from a pet pig. Pigs living as pets are not exposed to the conditions and diseases of commercial farm hogs.

They believe pigs are too big for the city

-Fact: Mini pigs average in height from 12 to 18 inches tall at maturity. They are short and heavy. They are very similar in height to English Bulldogs or Cocker Spaniels. Mini pigs average 50-150 lbs in weight when full grown, very similar in weight to medium to large dogs but the pigs are much shorter in height than a dog with similar weight. A 70 pound mini pig will take up less space on the couch than his 70 pound Labrador Retriever brother!

They will be too loud for the city

-Fact: Pigs are animals and do make noise as they communicate, just as all animals and humans do. A well cared for pet pig will not cause any disruption to the neighborhood. Many pet pigs live happily in their home or in their yard with only soft grunting and quiet communications of contentment. If you’re lucky you’ll hear an oof oof or a funny bark if they get excited that sounds a lot like a dog! High volume obnoxious sounds are more connected to commercial farm settings with many, many large animals similar to a dog kennel or shelter. This is a completely different scenario than a single pet mini pig or single pet dog. A pet mini pig does not face the same challenges as a large scale commercial farm.

The noise of a pig can be compared to the noise of a dog, in that typically they are very quiet, but can raise their voice when they are hurt, scared, or lonely, and each is an individual with its own personality. Some dogs are very quiet and some are a regular nuisance to their neighbors.

A pig’s most extreme squeal can reach 110 decibels, which is a very short burst of panic noise. Similarly, a dog kennel of barking dogs can reach 100-108 decibels of nonstop barking, as referenced by Perdue. Some things commonly heard in a neighborhood that are louder than a pig’s brief squeal are circular saw, chain saw, and firecrackers.  


Pigs Stink too much

-Fact: Not nearly as much as dogs, cats or backyard hens that are allowed in the city.

-Mini pigs have no body odor when they are spayed and neutered. They have very few functioning sweat glands, instead relying on water or mud to cool them off. Most pet pigs enjoy a nice roll in a kiddy pool! That is, when they aren’t snoozing in front of the TV.

-All pets create waste, but pigs create fertilizer! Pig’s manure can be composted to feed the garden. Swine manure contains several essential plant nutrients giving a higher crop yield than inorganic fertilizers.

Pigs are Dangerous

-Fact: Pigs are affectionate, intelligent, excellent communicators, and very much loved as family pets across the world. There is no reason to fear them. These small pigs are very similar in size to a bulldog. If a male mini pig grows tusks past the lip line, these can be easily trimmed by a veterinarian as described by the Merck Veterinary Manual.

Statistics vary by locality, but residents are far more likely to be bitten by a dog or cat in the neighborhood than a pet pig.


Property Values will Decrease

-There is absolutely no evidence that property values will decrease by having a pet pig in the community.

On the contrary, mini pigs tend to bring a lot of positive attention, sometimes even media coverage! These special pets are opening the eyes of people everywhere. Local mini pigs often become celebrities in their own neighborhoods towns. They bring a certain joy to the community that no other pet does.


Pigs Can’t Live Indoors

-Mini pigs are very happy to live indoor/outdoor just like the family dog, as stated by the Merck Veterinary Manual. If pigs are housed outside, they should be given proper fencing and protection from the elements as addressed in the American Mini Pig Association Owner Code of Ethics.

Mini pigs can be trained to use a litter box like a cat, or to go outside into the yard to use the bathroom just like the family’s dog.


Pigs are livestock

-Mini pigs are highly intelligent companion pets. Classifying a pet mini pig as livestock would be similar to classifying a child’s pet bunny as livestock because they are commonly raised in rabbitries in the meat/fur industry and shown at livestock shows. Mini pigs are raised and treated as family pets. There is no correlation to the livestock swine industry. Penn State classify rabbits as livestock, while stating "Rabbit farming has grown from raising a few rabbits for family consumption to large commercial operations with hundreds of rabbits. Investment in a rabbitry, including breeding stock, can be quite modest." Yet, this classification does not stop families from owning a rabbit as a family pet.


Pigs are amazing creatures, they are amazing companions and to be honest I now can’t imagine life without my Winston.

So please sign and help stop families with mini pigs as pets from having to give them up as pets.

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