Niagara Regional Police Should Be Required to Wear Body Cameras

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We as residents of Niagara, would like  to propose a plan of action involving the Niagara police and the Niagara regional council . I figured that as a united front we should stress the fact that with current events the distrust of our police is at an all time high and it’s time we look back at our own police department and ensure that they are operating in an equitable manner. This plan of action involves the police department releasing data on various arrests , stops, raids etc with indications of race/ ethnicity so we know what is really happening in our own streets then we’ve decided to also address the fact that officers should operate with body cameras on duty to ensure that they are following the rules and not acting beyond their training. Because without transparency In the system suspicions will continue to rise and chaos will come if we are not proactive. Black lives do matter, we are one.