Mandatory job loss for misconduct, battery and assault.

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This issue stems across the entire country. Everyday police are utilizing their "powers" of authority to injure and harm innocent civilians and lock many Canadians behind bars. 

This issue affects Native citizens, citizens of colour, caucasians, mothers, father's, brothers and sisters here in Canada and around the globe. This has gone on for centuries and today I am creating a petition to end the attacks on civilians. There is no peace, without justice. 

In December 2019 (the evening of my 26th birthday) I was assaulted by a MALE member (who shall remain unnamed at this time) of the Vancouver Police Department. I know many, many other (victims) who have suffered and sustained injuries whether physical, emotional or both by police across Canada.

Police are here to "SERVE AND PROTECT."

They are labelled as "Peace Officers." Yet, what they are doing is causing harm and distress. Creating distrust in communities, there is no safety in the presence of many employed officers. Not every officer abuses their power however as we have witnessed time and time again, misconduct, battery and assault are a common and reoccuring theme in civilization. 

As we near the end of 2020 it is time for justice, it is time for change. If you have personally been victimized by police or know someone who has, your signature is important in creating social and criminal justice. 

Any officer who commits a CRIME against humanity with the use of excessive force on innocent, unarmed and cooperative civilians should face MANDATORY JOB LOSS. If a person can lose their job for being late, a "peace" (police) officer should lose their job for abuse of "power," endangering and injuring civilians. 

The amount of stress and trauma this event has caused me is unimaginable and I only recieved a portion of what some others have dealt with.

The above incident will be taken to the Supreme Court of Canada.

If you or someone you know have experienced trauma, battery, assault or police misconduct after being compliant while having your rights violated please get in touch with me. Enough is enough.

Even as I create this, there is the thought in my mind that something could happen to me. I will not allow fear to control my need to create change. 

This ends now.