Unchain Bryan County Dogs - Demand a Humane Animal Ordinance Update

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Currently Bryan County Georgia's animal ordinance does not require dog owners to provide even the most basic tenets of humane treatment - such as constant water, sufficient food, shelter from the elements or veterinary care.  As a result, there are irresponsible Bryan County dog owners who chain their dogs to the ground or other stationary objects outdoors 24 hours a day 7 days a week their wholes lives with no shade from the sun, empty water bowls and infestations of heart worms, horseflies, fleas and ticks.  They very often spend their wholes lives alone, with no interactions with people or other animals.  We want the Bryan County animal ordinance to be updated to require at least the bare minimum standard of care - unspillable water bowls, proper shelter from the weather including sun and heat, rabies vaccinations and preventative worm and pest medications.  Our proposed ordinance will also make chaining illegal and put limits on mobile tethering.  This petition will go to the Board of Commissioners, which has the power to put this law in place.