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The United Kingdom Same Sex Dance Council (UKSSDC) ask the British Dance Council (BDC) NOT to introduce a rule whereby BDC recognised competitions and Championships could exclude same sex couples.


On 21st July, the BDC will consider on a proposal that would define a dance partnership in competitions as consisting between a man and "a lady". If passed, it will ban same-sex couples from mainstream contests, regulating them to same-sex only competitions of which there are only a maximum of two in the UK each year.

The proposal is based on complaints that a two men dancing together will possess more physical strength and stamina than a man and a lady dancing together, giving them an unfair advantage.

However, the opposing view is that dance competitions are not to do with strength, but rather are judged on qualities of poise, presentation, timing, musicality and technique, regardless of whether it is a mixed or same-sex couple.

And not only does banning same-sex couples seem a backwards step in a society which continues to recognise the equality and rights of same-sex couples, it also deprives a lot of dancers a chance to compete in a sport where training takes a considerable amount of time, dedication and cost.

If you agree with the UKSSDC that same sex couples should be allowed to continue dancing alongside mixed couples in mainstream competitions, rather than being excluded by this new proposal, please sign this petition, and let your voice be heard

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