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The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV, an association that defends the rights of animals) has discovered a horrible massacre of hundreds of monkeys in a primate breeding in Mauritius. Shocking images show monkeys stacked in bins. In Other images show the mutilated bodies.

According to the association, this barbaric slaughter should continue throughout the month of November, probably because foreign laboratories require primates weighing less than three pounds.

Most adult male monkeys are killed as weighing more than four pounds. The BUAV revealed that the company Noveprim kills pregnant females and young monkeys because they are useless.

Mothers are separated from thier youngs. Young monkeys depend completely on their mothers.

These animals are very sensitive, intelligent, this is totally unacceptable.

Letter to
CEO of Noveprim Ltd. Bruno Jullienne
CEO Ciel Textile Harold Mayer
CEO - CIEL AgroIndustry Patrick de Labauve d'Arifat
and 14 others
CEO Investment Jean-Pierre Dalais
Chairman Ciel Group P. Arnaud Dalais
Finance Manager Noveprim Hansraz Mulloo
Noveprim Nicholas Dunienville
Noveprim Employee Christina Yang
Head of Noveprim Europe Noelle Gourrege
Relations Manager Daniel Kisnorbo
Sales Manager Patrick Jhumun
(Production Manager) Stephan Desvaux de Marigny
Noveprim Mahebourg Ferney
Noveprim Gerald de Senneville
Associated. Didier Dodin
Noveprim Ltd Noveprim Group
Ciel Head of Finance Jérôme de Chasteauneuf
I am sickened with the recent exposee of your company (Noveprim), exporting thousands of primates every year to labs for experimentation.

From the attitudes of your staff to the animals, to the trapping of monkeys in the wild for export was disgusting.

Once these primates have experienced the brutality shown by your staff, they will be used in toxicology experiments and poisoned to death, or university research where electrodes will be implanted into their brains.

I ask that the CIEL Group discards Noveprim from it's portfolio of companies and that Noveprim is closed down once and for all.

Yours Sincerely,

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