Gotham should be revived. Bruno Heller/WB please #KeepGothamGoing #ReviveGotham

Gotham should be revived. Bruno Heller/WB please #KeepGothamGoing #ReviveGotham

1 June 2018
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Why this petition matters

Started by Denver Braganza

I would like bring this petition to the notice of Gotham’s Executive Producer Bruno Heller and Warner Brothers on behalf of all the Gotham fans out there. I would also like to ask Greg Berlanti if there's anything that can be done to get Gotham to The CW Network even at a later point and continue the only DC show run by its villians. Gotham is by far the BEST DC TV series produced yet. I have just 3 suggestions:

1) Tell us fans if there’s anything at all we can do to #KeepGothamGoing

2) Conduct a poll (on Facebook and other social media) on whether Gotham should continue or end with Season 5. You’ll be surprised by fans responses and comments (including the ones below)

3) Please take time to read this petition

 Why are Gotham fans silent?

Gotham fans may be more silent in terms of praising every element of the show publicly but there is a very large fan base out there very disappointed about the show ending with Season 5. It is the news about Gotham being renewed for one more season that may have calmed Gotham fans enough not to fight back for the show to go on past season 5, the way Lucifer fans are right now #SaveLucifer. And fans, ACT NOW, if Gotham ends its story with season 5 (with Bruce Wayne becoming Batman) Gotham won’t be revived after that. There will be no story to tell.

A new DCTV network maybe?

I have noticed that epic DC TV shows like Gotham, Lucifer, Constantine and iZombie are being cancelled from their respective networks despite being some of the best shows on television. And I feel that DC should have its own network to cover and highlight such shows #DCTVNetwork. Such a network could probably revive these great shows and have more DC shows on it. Then again this might a far fetch as I do not know how TV networks work or if this is a feasible idea to DC.

Why fans love Gotham and why it's end will disappoint them?

Fans are very disappointed with the show wrapping up so soon because there’s tons of amazing action and probably the best story writing on a comic book show ever made. I’m sure that the producers will give Gotham an amazing ending. They never fail to make it awesome. But it will still feel like an incomplete show to Gotham fans. It’s going feel like the talented acting and the amazing story has gone to waste. Literally every single actor on Gotham gave a performance that couldn’t have been better.

There’s not a single element on Gotham that feels substandard. The story is amazing. Who would’ve ever thought a show run by villains would work? Gotham didn’t just make it work, it made it rule all DC shows out there. (I literally thought Gotham would be a failure for this reason and here I am now writing a petition hoping that there’s a chance to save it.) Every Gotham fan would love to praise the most talented actors like @RobinLordTaylor (The Penguin), @CameronMonaghan (“The Joker inspiration”), @CamrenBicondova (Cat/Selina), @BenMcKenzie (James Gordon), @DonalLogue (Harvey), @DavidMazouz (Bruce Wayne), @SeanPertwee (Alfred), @CoryMichaelSmith and literally every actor on Gotham. It will be a shame to see such talented acting coming to an end. There are so many villains left and so many stories to be told. Gotham made it work and it still can. The scenes in Gotham are excellently shot. The background tunes make the show more thrilling than any other. Every element is perfectly coordinated in the show. Each season literally topped its previous.

FOX Network, what have you done?

Seeing the ratings decline seemed to me like some foul play on a DC show for unknown reasons (I might be wrong again) but it doesn’t feel right to any Gotham fan. There’s not a single fan I know that has stopped watching the show or even complained about it. Fox network might have had its own reasons to stop shows like Gotham and Lucifer. But it’s clearly a mistake to kill amazing shows without giving them a chance to go to another network.

Suggestions to keep Gotham going

I am just a fan and would like to give suggestions to the producers of Gotham, Warner Brothers and any one responsible for this most amazing comic book show. Most of these suggestions may have already been attempted and may sound unrealistic to whoever made Gotham but anyway here they go: -

1) Don’t end it with Season 5. Maybe move it to another network after Season 5.

2) (Some stupid idea I thought of before)

3) Make separate shows for few or at least one of the best villains (same Gotham actors probably the Penguin) and merge it back into Gotham when it can be revived.

4) Drop Gotham Season 5 from Fox and take time to find a better solution to #KeepGothamGoing. Fans can wait. (Maybe this is not possible because the Fox schedule has already been fixed)

5) Like I said above make a separate network for DC shows or urge DC to make one. There are a more DC shows coming up. And there are lots of animated DC movies/series that could run on it. The #CWNetwork and Greg Berlanti(Arrow creator/writer/producer) could probably help with this.

I’m sure fans will have more solutions. I urge Gotham fans to voice out and act on this to keep the best DC TV series running. Don’t give up!!!

Personal Opinion: I recently watched "The Batman" and frankly found it too slow paced and boring. I found the acting in Gotham so much better. Although I think it will get better with the sequels. I loved the dark tone and fight scenes in "The Batman". I'm personally all for Gotham and the Snyderverse films. Gotham is the best Batman legacy ever created.

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Signatures: 8,910Next Goal: 10,000
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