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Proportional reimbursement of tuition fees at Brunel University for the STRIKE hours.

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As students of Brunel University London, we demand to be proportionately reimbursed for the hours the academics are on STRIKE PLANS.



When the term " University Student " is heard, it automatically aligns with its own set of financial problems and struggles. Not to mention that many work over the weekends to afford their weekly living costs at university. Doing this whilst on a full-time undergraduate programme will just add to the stresses that a student is facing on a daily basis.

The amount of money paid for tuition fees, [in the majority of the cases borrowed from the Student Loan Companies e.g. S.F.E], is in return of what is being taught by the lecturers' time inside the lecture rooms and it would be more than justice if we, as the students, are expecting to have that money back. 

This according to the [Evening Standard] is, on average, £92 per day, [for an international student this amount is ALMOST DOUBLED !] Thus a reimbursement of almost £1500 in the case of a 14-day strike plan.




We give lecturers every right to STRIKE and STAND FOR something which will affect their future and retirement pension scheme, a reduction of up to £200,000 [for the duration of their retirement] and oppose the U.S.S plans to do so. We also understand that the STRIKE PLANS will affect the lecturers equally as they lose money for every strike.

Above all, the students are affected ACADEMICALLY, especially now that we are approaching the exams season, which in our opinion is the prime loss in this lose-lose situation, and for these very reasons the reimbursement of the hours will be a fair action to compensate (to an extent) for those who are affected [although this is not " THE IDEAL SOLUTION" but is " A PROPOSED SOLUTION"].

"THE IDEAL SOLUTION" would be that the U.S.S re-considers its new plans towards the retirement scheme of the lecturers and everything will be back to NORMAL, therefore, we students demand the U.S.S to do so ! [This is like using the Law of Entropy INVERSELY to create ORDER from DISORDER ;)

This "a SOLITUON" is mainly from a Students' point of view which WORKS TEMPORARY !

but "THE IDEAL SOLUTION" is actually "THE REMEDY" to this situation which I support more!

link :


With every opinion, there is some who support and some who disagree. It has been clearly stated what the objective of this petition is and we would appreciate those who take the courage to sign this petition. This is to say that we stand for the "lecturers' rights" and  stand for "our rights" also.

Please note that the prime goal of this petition is that the "students' voice "would be heard by showing "disagreement" towards these policies [U.S.S] as the ultimate victims are "The Students" !


Many thanks,

On behalf of some Brunel University Students




This is in response to those who said it would be more effective to actually campaign for your lecturers to have fair pay and pensions rather than to have you personally reimbursed:

Before commenting on this opinion, I just want to point out that they would not still be saying the same if half of their lecturers did not turn up during the strike period.


I do not think they have read this petition properly, and you will see the reason below:

1st reason :

Kindly read the section; TO THE LECTURERS !

2nd reason :

The term "reimbursement" has been used more like a "title" for the petition, if you read it carefully, we have obviously backed the lecturers as much as the students [if not more], and have asked the U.S.S to re-consider its new plans towards the retirement scheme for the lecturers. Plus this is what is says at the end : Please note that the PRIME GOAL of this petition is that the "students' voice "would be heard by showing "disagreement" towards these policies as the ultimate victims are "The Students" ! So we are not desperate to ask for some £1500, but to draw U.S.S's attention to this and similar campaigns [even if we did, we are just asking to be paid back for a service we haven't received]. Nearly 1 million people are taking part in similar petitions throughout the U.K and to me that does not seem like a wrong action.


I have not personally been affected much, as only one of our lecturers is striking [maybe a total of 4 hrs by the end of the strike period. I have only done this since I was asked by some Mech.E. students to do so], therefore want "our voice to be heard". This petition is more for the "MAJOR AFFECTEES" of this situation, although  no one can deny that even one lecture counts in terms of comprehending a module. I just used some figures which are facts and cited with some links. [I am just a voice]!!!

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