September 14, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sara Gibson

TW: SA/SV/Rape

College students are among the most vulnerable groups to experience sexual violence, yet most student survivors do not get the justice they deserve. The UCLA Title IX office recognizes lack of evidence as a significant barrier in sexual violence cases. However, they have done little to help student survivors get justice. 

Student survivors cannot currently go into the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center or the Emergency Room to request a rape test kit.

IGNITE at UCLA proposes a school-wide policy to address the barriers limiting rape test kit accessibility, including transportation concerns and police involvement. UCLA must expand rape test kit access to Ronald Reagan Hospital. 


  • Only 3% of all Title IX cases are actually investigated, as “many cases lack sufficient evidence” (Title IX 2019-2020 Accountability Report). Rape test kits are often the only evidence a survivor has against their perpetrator.
  • Students must travel 4.4 miles from UCLA to the Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center to get a rape test kit completed.
    An Uber from UCLA to the Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center can cost $35-51 (average cost of a rideshare from campus to the rape treatment center on a Thursday night from 11PM-2AM).
  • UCLA currently refers students to the police if they need a free ride to the Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center. However, riding in the back of a squad car in the aftermath of an assault can deter students, especially students of color, from utilizing this service.
  • Students should be able to walk to Ronald Reagan Hospital and get their rape test kit done there, as it is conveniently located across campus and Fraternity Row. 

Even if you do not go to UCLA, please add your name in support of student survivors. If we succeed, we hope to use our framework and precedent to bring this to other UC campuses and universities throughout the nation.

*Please use your email address to register if you are a student to help us show administrators students care about this issue*



IGNITE at UCLA is a women’s advocacy and leadership organization. We seek to empower women entering professional fields and encourage them to run for office. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please reach out to 

Additionally, you can follow us on instagram at @igniteatucla and @bruins4rtk. 


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Signatures: 3,755Next Goal: 5,000
Support now