Stop Garbage Dumping at Hoodi Circle

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BBMP is literally converting Hoodi to “Home of Garbage”. Hoodi Circle is a junction on roads that lead to the international technology parks which represents Bangalore on a global stage. On that very junction, BBMP has been dumping garbage for sorting. This ever increasing pile of waste is harboring many diseases and the residents/commuters have no choice except to take it all in, because the authorities themselves are the ones subjecting them to it. 

Residents of Hoodi area are under serious threat from the Civic Authorities. This is creating an air full of life threatening pollutants and foul smell. Ever since the garbage dumping started, the area has seen an increase in Mosquito population and rising number of air borne diseases. The area has been chosen as venue for a Permanent Garbage dumping facility. Wet Garbage dumping with unbearable foul smell at Hoodi Circle is posing a huge health hazard for over 2000 Hoodi residents including senior citizens and children.


Affects Our Health: Like lung disease,heart problem,skin irritation,problem or abnormality in breathing and more.

Soil Contamination: Is caused by the presence of man made chemicals,the softness of the ground,having smelly soil vapor and other alteration in the natural soil environment.

Infections To Humans: Skin irritation and blood infections resulting from direct contact with waste,and transmitting bacteria from waste to infected wounds.

Affects Our Climate: As some waste decomposes,it releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Like trapping of hear on earth that may effect of abnormality of weather condition like more storm or typhoon coming per year is happening until now.

Air Pollution: The open burning of waste causes air pollution or greenhouse affects.for example burning of rubber and plastic.

Help us in making our voices heard and stop this menace.