Stop House Bill No. 5711

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Michigan's House Bill No. 5711 is one of the most extreme and severe bills in the nation on abortion and women's issues.

This 60 page bill is the Michigan GOP's attempt to make abortions, regardless of the woman's or fetus' health, illegal. This bill does not recognize pregnancies by rape or incest, making an abortion as the result of either of those illegal as well. Only in the most extreme cases in which the woman's life is in jeopardy will she be able to have an abortion, and that's assuming she can still find a clinic in the state open.

The bill will force the requirement that doctors be on hands at ALL times at clinics, as a nurse will not be allowed to even hand out a morning after pill. Also, technology such as digitally or phoning in a prescription will not be allowed. Clinics will be forced to spend thousands of dollars to install a surgery room, whether or not they are a clinic that does surgical abortions (most do not). Women will also have to be grilled on whether or not they were 'coerced' in to getting an abortion, as that will also be illegal, and the word 'coerced' in the bill is used in the most broad and general terms. Not to mention that an abortion after 20 weeks will be considered criminal and will force doctors or nurses to report any suspicions to the authorities. These are just a few of the restrictions being placed on women in House Bill No. 5711.

According to Meghan Groen, a spokesperson for Mid and Southern Michigan Planned Parenthood's (as quoted in numerous articles), "It could shut down most reproductive health centers in the state of Michigan. It's the most extreme legislation we're seeing anywhere in the country."

Please sign now and help tell the Michigan State Government that WE DO NOT WANT THIS BILL!  This bill goes up for vote on Thursday, June 13 2012 and is expected to pass.  Please share this petition and any additional information NOW to help stop this attack on women's rights!

You can find all 60 pages of the bill here:

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