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Investigate The Shooting Death Of MiMi By A Cook County Parole Officer

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This is what happened today with our family....
Every single day I open the back door for Mimi to go in the backyard to do her business (use the bathroom) as she is outside I keep the door open, prepare her food, and then when she is done she comes inside to eat. Today Wednesday May 21 around 9:50am I went about our usual routine. I let her outside, kept the door open, while I was in the house I heard 3 gun shots. I then walked towards the back door to see what was going on, Mimi came running inside the house stumbling and dripping blood. I walked outside to see what had happened and a Parole Officer had me at gun point. He told me to put my hands in the air, he then proceeded to put me in hand cuffs while he was accusing me of letting the dog out on him but Mimi was already outside for a good minute before the P.O had shown up. He then escorted me to sit behind another police vehicle for about 10 minutes, while sitting beside the cop car the P.O. who had shot Mimi had his hands on his head saying "F*ck F*ck F*ck" as if he knew he did something wrong. The other officers on the scene began questioning me. They asked me for my name, and information about my brother. By the time the police had let me go into my house to see Mimi she was heavily breathing. The last three minutes I was with her as she died. I believe if the police officers did not need to question me Mimi may have been able to get the emergency medical assistance she needed to survive. After Mimi took her last breath detectives came into the house to take pictures of the blood trails all throughout the house leading to her body on the living room floor. Detectives also took pictures of the scene outside my house. Once photographs were done being taken and the police report was filled out the officers said they would send someone to come get Mimi. No one had shown up for about forty minutes. So we called emergency they said they sent someone and he was already on duty at our address I then went outside and the officer said he was not "Authorized" to take her. I did not know what to do at this point because animal welfare wanted $42 that I did not have, other vet hospitals wanted $100 and more, and animal control did not take dead animals. My mom ended up calling the village we live in and explained the situation the women she had spoken to had another women call us from the animal welfare who had taken Mimi from us free of charge. ***Its obvious due to the blood trails and bullet holes in the backyard that Mimi was still in OUR yard when this happened. We also ended up getting a ticket from our city police department for not having Mimi on a leash. We do not understand why this happened all together Mimi was a friendly family dog, there has been 4 young grand kids who grew up with Mimi, she has never attacked any of them or any strangers who come into the house. Typically when someone comes into the yard Mimi would jump onto people but only to give them kisses or get pet on the head. (which is normal for ANY breed of dog to do)

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