Clemency for non Violent Drug charge!! Please sign, God bless you all

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My husband Brand D. Evans was convicted of a federal drug crime in 2012. It was a nonviolent drug crime, but he received 21 years.

When Brandon was convicted of his crime the courts pulled up his juvenile records from when he was a child plus his adult records. Brandon was also charged with the 924c stacking and that’s where most of his time came from. Brandon is an amazing smart man, husband, father, brother, and friend. The majority of Congress already agrees that the 924c stacking is outrageous and that’s why they are working to fix that law right along with the mandatory minimums.

This situation affects his family so much because Brandon never had a chance to be taught as a child the correct way of living and how a man supposed to provide for his family the legit way. He was only taught what he knew to be a means of providing for his family at a very young age that I personally don’t even think I could have survived in his shoes growing up. Even though some people may disagree with what I am saying and about to say, it is true that the way a child is raised determines their outcome in life. Proverbs 22:6 says “Train up a child and a way that he should go, so when he gets old he will not depart from it.”

If a child was never raised to know the correct way of life, how would they know which way to go?

They would have to go through life challenges to finally come to the conclusion that there is a better way than the way they were taught and have chosen. In a way, it is best that he was placed in this situation to see and know correct way of living, but Brandon has learned his lesson and is well aware of the right choices in life like so many other inmates. With him staying in jail until 2025 it's just so hard to be able to start a family. He wants to be there when his oldest son graduates from college. Brandon wants to start businesses, and go to college and travel the world as well.

Time is so precious and every day that it passes without my husband in my presence takes a toll on my heart. Please consider this clemency and bless him with a new start in life while he’s still at the age where he can enjoy all that life has to offer. Thank you and God bless each and everyone that’s reading this message.

The problem can be solved by signing the petition, getting in contact with and getting this on the desk of all the people who have the right to make a decision.

My name is Martina Evans I am the wife of Brandon Evans, I’m starting this petition because if anyone knows how much this man deserves to come home it’s his wife. Thanks for all the support