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Justice for Lena and Sexual Assault Victims Everywhere!

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All people should feel safe in their own homes. We are proud to call Brown University home. However, there are necessary improvements that must be made in order to ensure the safety of Brown's student.

As it stands, Brown's policy for sexual misconduct does not prioritize the safety of the victim; despite being found responsible for crimes such as rape and sexual assault, perpetrators are rarely expelled, and are most frequently suspended for short periods of time (e.g., one semester), if at all.

On August 2, 2013, Brown University student Lena Sclove was strangled and raped by a classmate. The perpetrator was found responsible on four different counts of violation of the Student Code of conduct. Despite this ruling, he was only made to leave campus for a total of one semester and two weeks. He will be returning to campus in the fall of 2014, while Lena is still a student at Brown. Lena remains away on Medical Leave due to serious physical injury and mental and emotional trauma, and does not know if she will be able to return to Brown for fear of her safety while her attacker is on campus.
(Read Lena's story here:

So long as perpetrator of sexual violence remain on this campus, their victims can never feel truly safe -- never feel truly at home.

Join us in demanding Brown to take a stand against sexual violence.

We ask that Brown requires that anyone found responsible for sexual misconduct be suspended until the person they have assaulted graduates, or until two years have passed (whichever is longer). Schools have the responsibility, under Title IX, to eliminate a hostile environment and provide for the needs of the complainant. This cannot happen while a perpetrator is on campus.

There is a new list of demands in this petition here: Please sign this one as well. 

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