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Broward Sheriff Scott Israel, Rescind Awards to Lying Killer Cops

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When your Deputy Peter Peraza, Sergeant Richard LaCerra and Lieutenant Brad Ostroff tailed Jermaine McBean into his apartment complex in Oakland Park, Florida, on July 31, 2013, and Peraza fatally shot this beloved man carrying nothing but an air gun slung over his shoulders, they thought they also could get away with telling a horrendous lie wrapped inside the thin blue line.

"NO," they said repeatedly, when asked by BSO's own 'investigator' whether anything - headphones, perhaps? - could have obstructed Jermaine from heeding their commands. He couldn't see them because they were approaching from behind, goes the narrative, but surely he could hear them. Or could he?

Then five months ago the photo surfaced showing Jermaine McBean, lying on his back in a blood-stained white shirt. And in his ears, impossible to be missed against his brown skin, the white ear buds which were as much a part of his normal attire as the shirt on his back. Those ear buds drove his mother, Jennifer, crazy, she said, wishing she could see him alive again, ear buds and all. And while Jennifer and Jermaine's family and friends have been waiting for Justice for over two years, what have your officers, now shown to be liars, gotten?

Gold Cross Awards for heroism to Peraza and LaCerra! Heroism!!! Before your investigation was even finished. For shooting a man with a BB gun.

Sheriff Scott Israel, nothing short of rescinding these awards - which were recommended by Ostroff, the superior in that threesome - will do.

And nothing short of placing these officers on administrative leave immediately will do here, Sheriff Israel.

Even their separate accounts of the shooting differ, though each claims that when Jermaine finally heard them, and began to turn to face them, he also began to point his toy gun at them. An eyewitness said Jermaine never moved the gun from his shoulders. And why would he?

If you think the public is stupid, Sheriff, please think again.

Jermaine died, your killer cops lied, and THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS IT.

We see that last week you told NBC that, as far as rescinding the awards, "Now is not the time to do that." It "could influence the outcome," since the case could be going to a grand jury soon, that story says: 

You're right, Sheriff, it could influence the outcome. Toward Justice! In a county in which a grand jury hasn't indicted a single law enforcement officer for a shooting in the last 35 years! That's 168 fatal shootings of civilians since 1980!  Now IS "the time to do that"!!!

Damn the outcome Sheriff, or at least the outcome that YOU are trying to influence by your own complicity, by letting liars be liars and patrol OUR streets. That, Sheriff, makes you a liar, too.



#PrisonNotPrizes #JermaineDiedCopsLied #Justice4Jermaine #CanYouHearMe #BlackLivesMatter

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