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Evert's speech made no direct or indirect attacks on the LGBT Community

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STOP the fighting. Jason Evert's speech made no direct or indirect attacks on the LGBT Community - he talked only about the Catholic Social Teaching that Brophy College Preparatory abides by.

Jason Evert's talk on November 28, 2011 sparked much controversy in the community. In his speech, Evert made no mention of the LGBT community and committed no such act of discrimination against them. What Evert talked about was his personal views on CHASTITY as well as what the Catholic Social Teaching.

"The Catholic Church opposes gay marriage and the social acceptance of homosexuality and same-sex relationships, but teaches that homosexual persons deserve respect, justice and pastoral care. The Vatican and Pope John Paul II are speaking out against the growing number of places that recognize same-sex marriages." -


Catholic Social Teaching shows that same sex marriages go against Catholic beliefs, however, in the process to spread this word, members of the LGBT Community should be given respect. The quote above does NOT contradict itself, what it is saying is that while this issue is wrong, as we work to make it right, we should use a cautious and respectful approach.


In Jason Evert’s book, Pure Manhood, in the section titled ‘What if you have homosexual attractions?’, Evert says the following:

"The world tells people who have same-sex attractions that they have two options: either hide in the closet in fear or come out, embrace your identity, and sleep with whoever you want. Acknowledging your attractions but living a pure life isn't even proposed as a realistic choice, because the world assumes that sex equals love, and no one should have to live without love. A guy who has these attractions may not want them, or even know where they're coming from. Perhaps they stem from an unhealthy relationship with his father, an inability to relate to other guys, or even sexual abuse. Whatever the case may be, purity will help him understand the origin of his feelings. Every guy needs male approval as part of becoming a man. But in this need for masculine love, some guys may question their identity and try to find it in sex. But that will not satisfy their calling to make a total gift of themselves. The homosexual act is disordered, much like contraceptive sex between heterosexuals. Both acts are directed against God's natural purpose for sex -- babies and bonding. Even if a person does not believe in God, he cannot argue with nature. For example, the life expectancy of homosexual men is half that of heterosexual men. Furthermore, imagine what would happen if all people with same-sex attractions were placed in their own country. It would be empty in a century, because bodies of the same gender are not made to receive each other. Even if a man has same-sex attractions, his body is heterosexual. He was designed to give life. If you struggle with same-sex attractions, realize that you are not alone. God loves you and has a plan for your life. The Church has a network of those who carry the same cross and choose to glorify God with their bodies (see"

It is clearly demonstrated through this passage that the purpose of sex is 1) to create life and 2) bond with your partner. In this such case (which is explicitly illustrated in the Catholic Social Teaching), such sexual acts as masturbation, anal and oral sex as well as sexual lifestyles such as homosexuality among others, are deemed wrong in the eyes of the Catholic Church. To read a portion of the Catholic Social Teaching on this issue, I suggest you read “Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith" published by the USCCB's (United States Conference of Catholic Bishop’s) view on same-sex marriages here:


The issue of homosexuality was never directly mentioned by Evert, but rather in a book that was OPTIONAL to receive. By choosing to pick up a copy of this book and read it, one took it upon themselves to read what Evert said. IT WAS IN NO WAY REQUIRED TO BE READ.

For further comprehension and understanding of what Evert and the Catholic Church believe,  see the FACTS on Jason Evert’s website here:


Signer of the petition “Brophy and Xavier College Prep: Condemn Jason Evert's Homophobia!” Mikayla Jackson says it best, "This petition has a good proposal to eradicate homophobic perspectives taught in our education system, but it misguidedly aims against speakers of controversial subject. Blaming one man and a school administration on homophobia is radical at best."


To blame one man’s actions and one school’s administration on the entire issue of homophobia and homosexuality is “radical at best”. This is very wrong and is not a demonstration of what Brophy and Xavier has taught us to do.


So, PLEASE stop blaming this one man, Jason Evert and label him as a“homophobic”. If you have further questions on the issue of homosexuality and the Catholic Church, I invite you to contact the USCCB directly at


Thank you for your understanding and concern with this fragile issue,

The students of Brophy College Preparatory, Xavier College Preparatory, and other concerned persons. 


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