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Broome, Australia Can Stop Taiji, Japan Slaughtering Dolphins

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In 2009 when Broome Shire Council voted by absolute majority and withdrew from their sister town relationship with Taiji, the dolphin hunts for the first time in history were impacted by pressure from the inside, and the abhorrent practice questioned in Japan.

The dolphin slaughter regime in Taiji was crippled.

However, in a horrendous betrayal of dolphins, within eight weeks Broome Council back-flipped. Capitulating to their local Japanese community (and to Taiji themselves), Broome reversed their stance and formally apologised to Taiji.

Taiji was now given a ‘green light’ to continue slaughtering all species of wild dolphins – Taiji have not stopped killing since.

Said Richard O’Barry at the time: “In my interview today with the Australia 60 Minutes crew, I told them of the importance of Broome, the town in Australia, which suspended its sister-city relationship with Taiji.

Before that event, the Japanese media had ignored the story of ‘The Cove’. Now, the Japanese media is all over the story.

But we hear that the Broome Shire Council may reconsider their decision, so we need to tell the people of Broome to support the original decision.

Broome has a special role in all of this. Broome is the sister city to Taiji, and they have the power to stop this by severing their relationship, or suspending it. Then this genocide stops.”

Broome’s relationship with Taiji is very important to the people of Taiji - and must never be underestimated. The sister town influence is profound. Many residents of Broome, Western Australia are descendants of Taiji, Japan. Taiji revere Broome. We respect historical and commercial links, but these cannot take precedence over the indescribable suffering of thousands of dolphins and devastation to the marine ecosystem caused by decimation of species.

Broome Shire Council is complicit in dolphin slaughter and must be held accountable. Broome is the solution that Taiji dolphins (and their families) have long been waiting for.

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