Brooklyn DA's Office Prosecutorial Misconduct & Malicious Prosecution

Brooklyn DA's Office Prosecutorial Misconduct & Malicious Prosecution

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Started by Tanisha J

Defendant Toyan Grose was arrested on December 10, 2014, and charged with robbery and burglary during an alleged home invasion that occurred in Brooklyn.    

The Brooklyn District Attorney presented the case to a Kings County grand jury on December 15, 2014. The Grand jury voted an indictment against the defendant accusing him of a single count of robbery first-degree; displays of what appears to be a firearm. The DA, Lean Perez, then drew up the indictment which contained that single count of robbery, along with eight other new counts that was illegally added to the indictment without the court's permission or authorization.

The Brooklyn DA's office has a long-standing policy of illegally adding charges not voted by the grand jury to indictments and then filling knowingly false instrument which defendants are often taken to trial on, and wrongfully convicted. Because the grand jury proceeding is held in secret and only a Supreme Court judge can release the minutes of a grand jury proceeding, defendants are usually unaware of the DA's wrong doings and never able to obtain and review what occurred during said proceedings.

This is seen firsthand in the Case of People v. Grose, where Toyan Grose was wrongfully convicted of a charge that the people claimed the grand jury voted to indict him on. When Mr. Grose discovered that the charge he now stands convicted of was never presented to the grand jury for its consideration, the District Attorney's Office blatantly lied to cover up their wrongdoings by claiming that two days after the original grand jury proceedings occurred on 12/15/14, the people alleges that they returned to the grand jury a second time on 12/17/14. 

Eight new counts without the court's permission or authorization were added, which resulted in another indictment in addition to those counts. There is no mention of the people asking the grand jury to vote to reopen the case in order to consider those new counts. The defendant requested the proof of this alleged "grand jury proceeding" that took place on 12/17/14, and the DA's office has since refused to provide proof that such proceeding ever occurred.   

Mr. Grose has now been incarcerated for almost 7 years on a charge that the District Attorney lied and said the grand jury indicted him on. The head of the DA's Office, Eric Gonzalez, has done nothing to stop this policy and misconduct by his peers and continues to turn a blind eye to the miscarriage of justice that has been going on for years by the Brooklyn King's County DA's Office. He has been lost in the prison system along with countless other black and brown men who have been wrongfully convicted.

To anyone who is reading this, your signature and share can help me gain back my freedom and hold Eric Gonzalez and the entire Brooklyn District Attorney's Office, accountable for their continuous miscarriage of justice.

Thank you for your time and consideration. God bless and be safe during these difficult times.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" - Martin Luther King Jr.

80 have signed. Let’s get to 100!