Make your voice heard & tell Brookhaven Animal Shelter to stop euthanizing adoptable pets!

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Brookhaven Animal Shelter has lost a wonderful director, and as a result has resorted to cleaning house by euthanizing adoptable animals. One of these poor animals(pictured above) being a senior who "wasn't comfortable in the shelter". So why not ask the community to foster or sponsor this poor thing instead? There was nothing from their end asking from the community's help prior to making this horrible decision and the fate of these animals. Our shelter used to be nearly non-kill. Lets get it back to where it was and actually give these adoptable animals a chance!

Offer free adoptions(with rigorous background check and follow up after adoption), reach out to the public for fosters/donations prior to signing their life away.

Personal story
I, like many others on Long Island and across the US are animal advocates and care about the welfare of animals. To see our shelter regress back to unwarranted euthanasia is not acceptable and I would like to take a stand.