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Act Now to Preserve Barn Owls

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Barn owls make me think of mostly the night.They also remind me of flying and tricks.Although they don’t hoot like other owls do,they screech instead.Their habitat is in rough grasslands with a good/great population of rodents,including voles.The problem has not occurred yet,but the problem will occur soon,the problem is habitat loss.Without barn owls,it is possible to get house rats or mice,there also wouldn’t be a pest/rodent controller.We need to act now because barn owls are on there way to being threatened,although in Michigan,they are considered endangered.The solution will be to put wildlife preserves in the midwest.  Sign my petition so that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources will act.  We also should put a good amount a rodents in it to save them.  They get eaten from several things like golden eagles.Thank you for listening.

            By:DeMarco Barnowl-preserver

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