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Zero Tolerance For Pedophiles & Pedophile Enablers

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Recent evidence has been provided, showing beyond a reasonable doubt that he is a pedophilic sexual predator. While a large majority of the community has come out against him, a smaller number of members have come out and talked about forgiving him before even a week has passed.

The majority of these people are those who were friends with him and stand to profit from this whole matter getting swept under the rug. Some even tried to prevent the information on Toonkritic from being made public. This is obviously unacceptable and needs to be addressed as such by the community as a whole, including fans, content creators, and lastly... Conventions.

Due to how difficult it can be to influence a convention and get them to take a stand against individuals, I've gone ahead and created this petition to hopefully show them that the people who would be most likely to attend their con (and enable them to continue hosting year after year) aren't going to tolerate the presence of pedophile enablers and pedophile profiteers.

By signing this petition, you're making a statement that you refuse to go to any convention who has people as community guests (or panelists) that attempt to cover up for a pedophilic sexual deviant as a guest, ala those displayed in the image up above, and the like.

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