Ameer Vann Back In Brockhampton

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Brockhampton are an upcoming hip-hop boy band based in Los Angeles, California. It consists of 13 members with different talents: vocalists, producers, graphic designers, management and photography.

On May the 27th, it was announced that Ameer Emmanuel Vann, a prominent member of the group, was being kicked out of the band due to sexual misconduct allegations that had arisen on Twitter. The allegations made were from Ameer's ex-girlfriends who claimed that Ameer was emotionally abusive/manipulative and that he had a relationship with a minor. In regards to the abuse - it is clear to see that Ameer is self-aware of his mistakes and his troublesome past; it's something he has talked around frequently in his music. In regards to the accusations of him engaging with a minor - it's been revealed that Ameer was 18 and the girl in question was 17. This is legal in Texas, which is where Ameer resided at the time.

Other artists in the industry who have committed acts of physical abuse (such as Chris Brown, 6ix9ine and XXXTENTACION) still remain popular and accepted in hip-hop culture yet Ameer (who has not physically abused anyone) has been shunned despite his efforts to change and become a better person. This Instagram post from 2017 and it's caption serves as evidence that Ameer has changed.

Many have argued that kicking Ameer from the group is a sensible decision due to "the message" or morals that Brockhampton push in their music. In my opinion, Ameer changing for the better in front of an audience of millions will provide an extremely positive message: people can change and it's never too late to better yourself.

Kicking Ameer from the group permanently fixes nothing. The group continue on without a member who has been crucial to their entire discography so far, his face featuring predominantly on every studio album released by Brockhampton. As well as this, Mr. Vann could potentially fall down the rabbit hole again and slip into old habits which would be extremely hard to see when he has come so far and risen to new heights.

To conclude, I believe it is for the best that Ameer remains in the group and continues to grow as a person. We need to help these people, not enable them to become worse.