Urge FEMA to save millions of farm animals

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Days before Hurricane Florence violently struck North Carolina, factory farm operators across the state consciously abandoned millions of farm animals in windowless sheds and cages to drown in the rising flood waters of the category 4 hurricane. They were nothing more than property whose loss would be covered by insurance.

In the United States, farm animals have no protection under the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)’s PETS Act, the federal legislation drafted after Hurricane Katrina to rescue and care for “household pets” in times of natural disaster.

Sign and share today to urge FEMA to mandate protections for farm animals under FEMA’s PETS Act in states susceptible to extreme weather events.

During Hurricane Florence, this lack of legal protection was responsible for the reported deaths of more than 3.4 million farm animals—with more and more deaths reported every day. And because of climate change, extreme weather events will undoubtedly become more frequent and destructive, and more farm animals will die in floods, forest fires, and droughts if the government does not take ACTION.

Hurricane Florence was devastating for animals. Let’s fight to make sure this tragedy is a catalyst for change. Sign today to tell FEMA to protect farm animals in the PETS Act.