Reduced Tuition for 2020/2021 School Year

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As a result of CoVid-19, Brock University, along with all other post-secondary institutions have moved their classes to an online format. As a result of this transition, the quality of education has been put on the backburner. A few examples of the lacking of standards include 20-year old lecture videos from another university, Wikipedia articles as readings, "crash course" Youtube videos, etc. Furthermore, our tuition has not gone down. A portion of tuition payments goes towards "ancillary fees" which covers the operating costs of organizations such as BUSU (Brock University Student Union) operating costs, safety, Brock TV and Brock Press. These, along with the operating costs for the university should be lowered significantly as there will be no students and limited staff on campus for them to use such facilities. This is especially true for international students who will now be taking their education in an online format. Overall, the goal of this petition is to motivate the instructors and staff at Brock University to work hard to provide a UNIVERSITY-LEVEL education with lower tuition fees in order to support the community that Brock has created during a difficult time. As the face of the future, university students only wish to receive the quality education that they came to Brock for while being able to afford to pay basic costs of living.