Brock University: Re-Distrubute Grades with the Option to Complete Additional Assignments

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In light of the suspension of lectures, as well as the enormous disruptions to everyday life due to the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic, I am calling on Brock University to have professors just re-distribute student grades with the option to complete final assignments if they are not satisfied with their current grade for the Winter 2020 courses.

The progression of the outbreak has left thousands of students facing tremendous uncertainty in their academics, employment, housing, and health - both physical and mental. Professors have scrambled to deliver course material online and, while their efforts have been admirable, the diversity of approaches and difficulty levels embodied by these approaches will make it much harder for some students to succeed. Consequently, we call on Brock University and the Dean of each faculty to have professors re-distribute student grades with the option to complete additional assignments. Doing so will ensure that students who are struggling with uncertainty will not be negatively impacted by factors beyond their control.