2021: Bring Spongebob Back To Broadway!!

2021: Bring Spongebob Back To Broadway!!

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Kaleigh Gilbert started this petition to Broadway

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Well, Spongebob of course; Everyone's favorite plucky, yellow, spongy fry cook. From the first episode, 20 years ago, to the most current ones happening as we speak, we have followed Spongebob through thick and thin. Through grease and gristle. Through good movies and not so good movies. And even though the animation has changed over the years, our love for Spongebob has never changed. 

In fact, the love for Spongebob is so great that he caught the attention of the great people on Broadway. And because of this, the people who make Broadway what it is, partnering with Nickelodeon, decided that Spongebob deserved a spot on stage. So the created the brand new musical Spongebob Squarepants The Musical. 

Though this show was met with lots of eye rolls, it turned out more fantastic than anyone imagined. Starting Ethan Slater as our bubble-loving jellyfisher, the story takes place when Mount Humongous (a massive volcano) is about to erupt and destroy Bikini Bottom. Everyone is sure they're set to be destroyed, so following the evil scheme of Plankton, played by Westley Taylor, the citizens decided to plan their escape. 

But Spongebob has a different plan. He has decided to stop the volcano, regardless of everyone thinking he's "Just a simple sponge." Spongebob goes on this quest, along side the Texas-born squirrel, Sandy, to stop the volcano and prove that he is more than just his name. 

Using a brilliant soundtrack written by wonderful artists, such as Brendon Urie, David Bowie, Steven Tyler, John Legend, and Lady Antebellum, among many others, this musical is one well deserving of a place on the stage. With bright and eccentric costumes, to Rube Goldberg bolder-shooting machines built along side the audience, this musical is one that took the world by storm. 

Taking the stage at the Palace Theater, in 2017, this show had a wonderful run of 10 months. Unfortunately though, due to a scheduled remodel in 2018, the curtain closed on September 16th. This was sad news for the cast and crew as well as, of course, the fans--some of which had seen the show 60+ times, or had followed the show since it's run in Chicago years prior. It was a sad day for everyone to say goodbye to such a beautiful show. 

But even on a sad day, Spongebob knows how to make it the Best Day Ever. And, Nickelodeon did too, as they gathered the original cast and created a live TV special of Spongebob the Musical, on December 7th, 2019. This, of course, was met with excitement and praise from the cast, the fans, and everyone on land and sea.

This TV special proved that, even after being off the stage for a little over a year, this show is still loved and the cast still enjoys playing these characters and can do it as if they never stopped. This deserves recognition of it's own. And, if I'm reading the responses right, and the smiling faces of the cast correctly, this show deserves another chance at a run. 

Well, if you didn't know, Broadway's Palace Theater is set to re-open in 2021. And, I think it would only make sense to celebrate the re-opening of the theater with a re-opening of the last show to perform on it's original stage. This, of course, is Spongebob. 

Basically to sum up: The Palace Theater re-opens in 2021. Let's sign this petition to get Spongebob back on that stage and give it the recognition it deserves. I know the internet can do some magic. If we can get them to fix Sonic's animation, I know we can get Spongebob back on stage, with the original/TV special cast!

So, if you love Spongebob (let's be honest, who doesnt?) sign this petition. If you have seen the musical, sign this petition. If you want the musical to have more recognition, sign this petition. And if you haven't seen the musical, check it out on YouTube! Then, come back and sign this petition. You wont be sorry! 

Let's tell Broadway and Nickelodeon how much we need this show! Are you ready kids? They can't hear you! Sign this so Broadway can! 

(To be honest, if you've made it this far, just sign it, because I can't write descriptions to save my life. I just love this musical. As a theater kid, I love all musicals. And I love Spongebob. If you do too, sign this petition. I know there's lots of people who do.After signing it, be sure to share it with your friends so they can sign too. Thanks.)

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