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Broadcast the 2013 ANZ Netball Championship - save our sport.

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I’m one of more than 1.2 million Australians who play netball. Why, with just a few weeks to go before the season starts, is one of our key national sports left without any free-to-air TV coverage? This is devastating in so many ways.

As Sports Minister Kate Lundy put it: “Women's sport is trapped in a vicious cycle where lack of television coverage means it is unable to attract sponsorship and revenue." We are at a crisis point in netball - if we lose coverage this season we’ll likely see a downward spiral for the sport from lack of investment and profile.

What sort of message will we be sending young girls when they can’t see any female sporting role models on TV? What does this mean for us as a country if we let our one major women’s sports suffer like this?

Turn on any telly over winter and it’s full of men’s sports - AFL and rugby league and union can be seen at just about any time and millions of dollars are pumped into them.

But Channel 10 has just dumped its coverage of the 2013 ANZ Championship, leaving this great sport without any free-to-air TV coverage.

There are so many sports channels and shows in Australia now, and not one of them is covering the most popular competition in the most popular women’s sport. Surely having one cover the netball isn't too much to ask?

SIGN THIS PETITION to urgently show Australia’s major television networks that we want them to screen netball. 

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