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Broad-based intolerance and name calling don't advance democracy

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Bob Tribble, who owns Trib Publications, used his editorial column in The Sandersville Progress published on July 19, 2011 to categorize and criticize people who:

support civil rights

speak out in opposition to their government's policies and actions

advocate for safe working conditions and living wages

support same-sex marriage, don't believe same sex couples are "perverts" and think they "know more than God"

appreciate the cultural and intellectual contributions of immigrants

attended college classes

believe that no one should live in poverty

Bob Tribble's column in The Sandersville Progress, July 19, 2011 included:

"In a letter to the editor in the Columbus Enquirer Richard Cawthorne of Ellerlie (Ga.) shared his ideas of liberals in an article titled "You're a liberal if..." Let me pass his thoughts along to you today.

You are a liberal if:

If during the Civil Rights era you wanted innocent people to just bow down and get punished because of the wrongs that happened decades ago that they did not commit you're a liberal.

If during the Vietnam War you participated in or supported violent protest against this country that helped the enemy then you're a liberal.

If you think that unions and government regulations aren't responsible for driving millions of jobs overseas than you're a liberal.

If you are too ignorant to understand how capitalism works and is fair for all who are willing to work hard then you're a liberal.

If you believe that the educational standards have been lowered so that everyone can pass you're a liberal.

If you think that is it perfectly alright for the "right" people to disregard our immigration laws and flood across our borders you are a liberal.

If you think that you know more than God and find it perfectly acceptable for two perverts to marry each other you're a liberal.

And last, but not least, if you believe that the way to make life "fair" for everyone is to confiscate money from the hard working and redistribute it to the lazy, or if you have had some college courses and now think that you're the most intelligent being on the planet then you are a liberal.

Most of what Richard writes is very true in my opinion and worth repeating."

Tribble lumps any and all people with any hint of compassion, community involvement, open-mindedness, or interest in genuine debate and intellectual engagement, as "liberal" and, by implication, un-American. Tell this media owner that this kind of broad-based intolerance and name calling has no place in democratic debate and join us in asking him to issue an apology.

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