Bring back Turbo Tango!!

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Hello everyone, we are starting a new campaign called #BeingTurboTango to help raise awareness of Turbo Tango. We encourage people to post their memories (with the hashtag) involving Turbo Tango, such as maybe being foamed as a child by your uncle, father or friend. We want these stories to be emotional and show Britvic that Turbo Tango is more than just a nostalgic drink lost in the past and that it will bring back foam filled fun for everyone! Please share this petition, share the subreddit and share this movement with as many people as you can find and together we can make a future for Turbo Tango!!

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Bring back turbo tango!!

For those of you who did not have the pleasure of coming across this magnificent beverage, turbo tango was the world's first aerosol powered soft drink. It allowed you to spray orangy foamy goodness into your mouth and at the same time helped prevent countless everyday struggles such as bending your neck to take a sip from a can. Unfortunately the world has been robbed of this glorious invention as it was somehow not popular enough for Britvic to keep selling it. However, we can change that.... maybe. Please sign the petition to help prove that we love turbo tango and want it back for good!! There never was and never will be anything like it.