Stop the sale of fireworks to the general public.

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The sale of fireworks to the general public is both irresponsible and archaic. We have issues were: 

Fireworks are set off constantly from the moment of sale until they go off sale, it’s not just one night but can in fact last several weeks.

They fall into the wrong hand and are purposely fired at both people and animals cause both distress and injury. The fire service suffer with constant hoax calls only to be attacked with fireworks when they turn up on scene.

A&E are inundated with admissions due to injuries through irresponsible use of fireworks.

Many households suffer with stressed pets who have to be sedated or other means used to try and keep them calm. Dogs are lost when they bolt due to fireworks going off.

Both wildlife and the environment surfer horrendous damage as well including many deaths and injuries caused to our native species.

Fireworks should only be sold to licensed displays that run for the one night a year they are supposed to be active. The retail industry cannot abdicate its responsibility once the fireworks leave their stores, they have to held accountable for the damaged caused for after sales or refrain from selling them in the first place.