BHF to change policy and allow pedelec e-bikes on non-competitive fundraising bike rides.

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After verbally agreeing to allow riders on electric pedal assist bikes in 2015 the BHF have now made a U-TURN and claim that pedelec e-bikes are too dangerous to join, even though under UK and EU law they are classed as ‘bicycles’ (see 'press release' below).


By banning pedelec e-bikes the BHF are discriminating against those who need to use them. For people who need to exercise but must manage 'peak' exertions (eg. those with heart, lung, joint, fatigue conditions) pedelecs are the only feasible option. The alternative is to sit on the sidelines and miss out. 

These are not competitive rides. Rather than banning pedelecs altogether, why can't fundraisers simply declare to donors that they are using pedelec e-bikes when asking for sponsorship?


Pedelec electric bikes (e-bikes) are NOT MOPEDS.  They simply assist with the 'high intensity' part of cycling, typically accelerating from a stand-still, and climbing hills. Once the rider has reached 15mph, they are pedalling under their own power.

Pedelec e-bikes increase people’s fitness (see 'What pedelec riders say...' below).  The BHF should encourage people to ride pedelecs, especially those who must avoid high intensity exertions.

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How a pedelec is helping an army veteran's rehabilitiation (written by a pedelec rider):

How someone with a TRIPLE BYPASS completed the John O'Groats to Lands End bike ride raising thousands for charity (written by a pedelec rider):

READ MORE - Our press release and director's statement...

Press release:

Director's statement:


Not quite sure what you think of ebikes? Watch this BBC article on how they work. You will see they make cycling more accessible if you are asthmatic for example:


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