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British Foreign Office: Deny Yemane Gebreab, Head of Political Affairs (PFDJ) entry into the UK

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This is a petition to call against the entry of Mr Yemane Gebreab , Head of Political Affairs, PFDJ, Eritrea’s only ruling party into the United Kingdom. Gebreab who is guilty of the active advancement of severe human rights abuses, arbitrary detention, and thousands of killings in Eritrea is planning to open an annual conference in the UK.
We strongly call upon the UK Foreign Office not to allow Mr Gebreab entry, which would only enable him to further advance his oppressive and dangerous propaganda among Eritreans residing in the UK and Europe.

The Young People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (Y-PFDJ), a tightly controlled youth arm of Eritrea’s only ruling party PFDJ headed by dictator Isaias Afewerki, will this year meet in Britain for their annual global conference on March 28 for 5 days (see image above).

Eritrea’s closed state, dubbed the North Korea of Africa, is driving the country into complete isolation. With thousands of political prisoners, severe cases of torture, and the vast majority of the population being subject to forced military conscription and labour for an indefinite period of time, Eritrea has become one of the top refugee producing countries. From those fleeing, many are falling victim of the global human trafficking and organ trade, often with the active involvement of Eritrea’s military officials.

It is against this background that the regime is mobilizing young people from the Eritrean Diaspora residing in Europe as a source of financial and propaganda support.
Concerned Eritreans living in Britain strongly condemn that the UK is being used as a venue to brutalise the Eritrean people and destabilise the volatile Horn of Africa region. The regime in Eritrea is under UN sanctions for its role in regional instability, its support of Al Shabaab in Somalia, and also its human rights record, hence should not be allowed a free reign in the UK, to mobilise support for the very acts that the UN is trying to stop.

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