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On Saturday 8th February, an innocent man was arrested by Egyptian Police at Hurghada airport in Egypt.

Tony Remo Camoccio is a family man with a business, who lives in London. He travelled with a party of 18 for a vacation away in the sun to a country he has visited before around 10 TIMES. He enjoyed taking time over here with his family and friends and even visiting lifelong friends he made whilst in this country.

At customs in Hurghada airport on his outbound journey, he was at final checkpoint where he was, as a standard procedure for all outbound passengers, patted down by a security officer. Tony then gently patted the officers back, and is now facing serious accusations.

He was held in a general population cell overnight where he remained in handcuffs petrified for his life as he did not know what he was supposedly being charged with or what he had done wrong. This security official, with great power, is now accusing Tony of SEXUAL ASSAULT. We have only found this out 4 DAYS after he has been arrested, and this very well may be his charge.

The situation has been blown up and the accusation made by the security officer is lying about the situation at hand. There is VIDEO EVIDENCE being held back by the Egyptian police that proves that this is a LIE. Tony’s 26 year old son himself has seen this footage. The officer has accused Tony of sexual assaulting him which is evidently not the case.

As a BRITISH CITIZEN, this man is entitled to food, water and medical attention should he need it. He was given none. The police officers at the station asked that his wife and son brought food, water, clothes and any toiletries or things he may need and these belongings were NOT PASSED ON for an entire 2 DAYS.

It has been 5 days since he was arrested and he still hasn’t been charged. Supposedly, Tony was to be seen in court on Sunday and is still waiting to know what the official charges are against him. However, this accusation could be enough to ruin his life. He has four children and a loving wife and many friends. We need this man, his wife and his son to come back home.



UPDATE: 19:30, 12th Feb.

500 shares, thankyou so much this is reaching so many people. Here is a further update.

We were expecting him out today should everything had been cleared but the police are now saying they want up to 15 days more to investigate the case. The police are very uncooperative and are withholding evidence that would clear Tony of any wrongdoing. We really struggling out here and receiving very little help from the embassy or our consular. He is completely innocent and have been kept in inhuman conditions. We need to make as much fuss about this as possible at home. We would appreciate if you could all contact your local mp, the press and anyone else you can think of. Thank you all in advance and we will keep you updated as and when we here anything.

Tonys details are:
Tony Remo Camoccio

DOB 21.05.69
We have a consular reference of con/1446694.