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Allow the rider CHOICE - Allow Bitless Bridles in ALL horse sport

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Please sign our petition to support NHTEC's (Norfolk Horse Training and Equitation Club) request for a rule change to allow EVERY rider/handler the ‘Choice’ to compete in ALL UK competitions in a bitless bridle.

We ask for fairness and for inclusion in all equestrian sport for ‘bitless’ horses based on the evidence that some horses do not cope with the bit in their mouth – the mouth is a delicate and sensitive structure and sensitive to pain. We believe the RIDER should choose the bridle, bitted or bitless, that best suits their horse for optimum health and performance.

NHTEC asks what happens to the horses unable to be ridden in a bitted bridle, due to injury, dental trauma, headshaking, etc., should that be an end to the horses ability to compete? Should those horses be doomed to a bloody end in the slaughterhouse? 66.7% of horses slaughtered in a French Study (ISES 2006) were under the age of 7 and killed for behavioural reasons - Its unnecessary wastage - It’s a welfare tragedy!

We have a new generation of riders including children who wish to ride bitless and compete – why should they be excluded? There are no grounds in science.

‘Dans Le Mans’ – ‘On the bit’ must be changed to ‘In the hand’ to meet the needs of modern equestrianism!

On 15th October 2013 the Netherlands Dressage Association issued an international statement to say that following a three year trial of bitless bridles in dressage they are now permanently amending the rules to incorporate bitless bridles in Holland. This breaks with the FEI and proves rules can be changed for the welfare of the horse!

The British Horse Society, British Riding Clubs, British Eventing and the British Equestrian Federation have all maintained that their inability to change their rules is due to British Dressage.

The Equestrian Associations rulebooks are archaic; they not in the best interest of the horse. The Associations cannot hide behind ancient rules set for nearly one hundred years!

Its time in the evolution of equitation - it’s a no-brainer! The UK MUST now update the rules in-line with the evidence and the development and advancement of the bitless bridle. That’s if, the Equestrian Associations care about the horse, horse sport and fairness for ALL!


Bob Baskerville MRCVS – FEI Vet and London Olympic 2012 team vet said:
"The bitless bridles work very well on horses that don't accept conventional bridles. They are very humane and horses tolerate and like them. The problem is a lot of modern competition is based on horses reactions to the bit and the relationship between the horse and the rider as conveyed by the bit. It is much better to use the phrase in the hand."

Jimmy frost Grand National Winning Jockey said:
"Horses can go better with bitless bridles. They are safe and agile. I cannot see why people say they are not safe to use."


Photograph copyright of Sallis Lindqvist

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