Require the BC RCMP Wear Body Cameras

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In 2019, the office of the BC Solicitor General created guidelines around RCMP members wearing and using body cameras. However, it was decided that the cost of outfitting every officer with body cameras was too high, and so officers do not wear body cameras.

Currently, events in the U.S.A are demonstrating why body cameras are so important. While police are supposed to be protectors, they are also human, and are not always able to separate their beliefs from their actions. This can lead to the death of minority members at the hands of those that have promised to protect us.

While there is less documentation of racially-motivated police incidents in Canada, they occur all the time. These incidents may not be as extreme as what happened to George Floyd earlier this month, but racist incidents have been increasing in Canada - now, we have the chance to prevent the increase of racist behaviours of on duty officers.

Is money more Important than the lives of our citizens? Are RCMP officers allowed to do as they please with no accountability? Do we want to continue he-said-she-said arguments when we could have video evidence?

The goal of this petition is to have the Solicitor General of BC (and other provinces) change the requirements around body cameras to protect those most at risk of police mistreatment. You can also send an email to the Solicitor General, and the BC government.

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