Provide access to subsidy for low-income families using flexible childcare in BC

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Since their election in 2017, the BC NDP has increased access to quality affordable childcare for many low- and medium-income families, by providing financial support when children attend full-time and restricted part-time care. 

Unfortunately, the Childcare Licenses do not have an option reflecting the growing use among families for flexible care. Eligible families are excluded from these supports if they attend care on a flexible basis, and their access is limited to a maximum of 40 hours of care per month. The CBC reported on this in 2018.

Even prior to COVID-19, the demand for flexible care had increased dramatically since 2005, as up to 40% of Millennial parents chose to work from home, or took shift work and gigs*. With Work From Home mandates, and reduced hours as a result of the global pandemic, the need for licensed Flexible Care is rising even more. 

Buddings Daycare has been providing licensed, hourly childcare to Vancouver families since 2011, but despite documented government acknowledgement of the value of flexible care in 2016, 2018, and 2019, there is no official recognition.

Now, in 2020, with COVID-19 requiring everyone to rethink the future of work, we are calling on the BC government to take the opportunity to align the childcare licenses with that future.

Please join us in asking for a Flexible Care license so eligible families can apply for subsidies, regardless of how they schedule their children's licensed care, and so we can better serve their needs.

*Source: Stats Canada and Bloomberg News