Allow responsible Serval ownership in British Columbia

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Keep servals OFF the alien species list. 

BCSPCA is currently trying to add the African serval to the alien species list in BC which in turn means that all existing servals who have been living in homes with their human companions are at risk for being ripped from everything they have known and put into sanctuaries. 

This recent decision was brought on by the seizure of several serval cats in kamloops. 

The actions of one do not define how the rest of us care for our servals. The SPCA does not understand this. The servals currently living in homes with their human companions are very well fed, living in safe environments and spoiled beyond believe. 

The spca claims that servals “ When kept as pets, servals pose risks to their keepers and the public, and even native wildlife if they escape........, they have a poor quality of life when kept as pets”

As any responsible serval owner knows this is quiet the opposite. Servals are extremely well cared for and  full of affection towards their families and vice versa . 

Servals pose no more of a risk than a domestic house hold cat would.

Servals by nature are elusive and first instinct when threatened is to run and hide as their firstborn line of defence. They do not pose harm to caretakers as the BC SPCA is trying to portray. . 

The responsible  owners and their cats  should not have to suffer the consequences because of one irresponsible and unethical breeder . 

Our servals are valued members of our families who are extremely well loved and cared for. 

Please help by signing this petition to keep servals legal in BC and continue to allow responsible ownership