Challenge the BBC to APOLOGISE to veterans for referring to them as Right Wing Extremists!

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During recent Black Lives Matter 'protests' in London, thousands of proud ex service men and women descended on London to stand guard with pride, honour and respect to the memorials and statues that represent the sacrifices and blood shed by our fallen hero's of times gone by.

Irrespective of race, creed, colour or religion.....The people who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country, deserved their memory to be guarded, just like they guarded our right of freedom when the time called, on more than one occasion. They, without question, are the true hero's of this once 'Great' nation.

The VETERANS of this 'great' nation, who have also served, when called upon by the same governments who didn't think twice about sending them to hostile environments and war zones, hold these monuments dear and are just as cherished and sacred as any church, mosque, synagogue or anything that is worshiped by the free, who are also walking the streets thanks to the ultimate sacrifice that once preceded them years previous.

We demand a public apology from the BBC for referring to BRITISH VETERANS as 'Right Wing Extremists' in their reporting of events in London during the BLM 'protests'. 

The VETERANS of this country, deserve better, deserve more respect and gratitude that is being shown currently by the 'establishments' of this nation.

We do not care about colour, race or creed, just like the FALLEN who made this country 'Great', did not care either, they just fought !!

Stand up the BBC and put right a wrong!