British Airways Reinstate Please Direct Flights to Sierra Leone and Liberia.

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British Airways suspended flights to Sierra Leone and Liberia in summer 2014 due to concerns about the public health situation in the region.

This action cuts off the only direct link between Great Britain and these two countries.

4 years on, And even though the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared both countries safe saying that...

" Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa no longer constitutes as a "public health emergency of international concern";

 ...British Airways has yet to restore air services to Sierra Leone and Liberia.

This means families are still struggling to find suitable ways to travel, having to transit many times to get to Sierra Leone or Liberia.

And is causing a lot of difficulties for people with medical conditions, the disabled and old people.

British Airways' continued delay in resuming direct flights is also hindering and slowing down the economic revival of these countries.

Sierra Leone is making a good recovery from the past and is now one of the safest countries in West Africa.

As a Commonwealth country, we feel that the link to the UK provided by British Airways represented an important bond between the countries

The service was the only direct flight to the country at under 7 hours - the alternatives take up to 24 hours at a time and 48 hours if connecting from USA.

This is causing many problems to families with young children as well as aid workers.

We are concerned, with the summer school holidays approaching, that families with young children will have no choice but to embark upon a 24 / 48 hours trip via a series of countries to get to their holiday destination.

We are therefore calling on British Airways to resume please all its flights to both Sierra Leone and Liberia to further support the continued progress these countries are making.

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