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On Monday November 2nd, Mr Justice Nichol made a landmark ruling against Johnny Depp. 

Johnny Depp took "The Sun" tabloid Newspaper in the UK for deformation for calling him a "wife beater" using Amber Herds unproven and unfounded accusations against Johnny Depp as "proof". 

In this course of this trial, Amber Herd and her legal team presented evidence that is false and proven to be untrue (this is the basis of another case in the US) where as Depp and his legal team presented, medical evidence, verifiable statements, Video and audio recordings in full as opposed to Herds "selective" clips, countless witness statements and personal statements from ex wives and partners, not only supporting the fact that he has never been abusive in the past, but proving it was him in fact who was a victims of domestic abuse where Herd is the abuser.

I am not here to force my personal views onto anyone. I just ask that you take the time to review the evidence which will be linked below in the coming days. 

Justice Nichol ruled against Depp and this was a blow to any abuse survivor. Male or Female. But as a female survivor who had been ignored by the British legal system, I know how much this hurts as a woman so i cannot even begin to understand how it feels as a man to not only, STAND UP, TAKE A HIT ON THEIR EGO, STAND UP AND SAY I WAS ABUSED, MAKE YOURSELF VUNERABLE, THEN HAVE IT IGNORED! I cannot understand or comprehend how that must feel. 

We as decent humans need to stand up when we see injustice and this is where it is happening in Britain.

Here is how you can help

  • Sign, Share and comment why Mr Justice Nichol needs to be fired.
  • Keep checking back to the petition for links to other relevant petitions for example, for DC to fire Herd and for Loreal to remove Herd as a spokes person.
  • If you are in the UK, Sign the gov.org petition that will be posted here in due course.
  • Follow Please Go and Follow Spiritually Empowered Coaching. Here you will find all the information broken down and discussed in detail. With any luck I will have the links to the documents Les uses in the next few days.
  • If you are outside the UK, but within the Commonwealth, Please contact me as I need your help.

Justice Nichol not only ignored the proof, he was also led by his wife. Who is in the court of public opinion to always believe the woman. No! Believe someone is a victim and investigate it just as equally. MEN CAN BE VICTIMS TOO! 

Please stay up to date and check your email for updates. This is a VERY active campaign. It isn't a petition made in a rush or anger. This is to enact change. So lets do it together! 

Thank you to everyone who has already signed and shared and thank you to those signing now and joining in the fight!