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Bristol City Council: STOP Crews Hole Road Permanent Eastbound Closure

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Access in and around Crew's Hole and the area immediately north of the river Avon is already very poor and consequently a HUGE number of people rely on Crew's Hole Road to get home. The traffic on Crew's Hole Road is not hindered by lights or junctions so it generally keeps moving. In February 2014, the plan is to close BOTH Crew's Hole Road to Eastbound traffic AND Beaufort Road/The Avenue to Westbound traffic, effectively making EVERYONE use a giant 'One Way' circuit which feeds directly onto the already heavily congested A431. Incredibly they have planned this One Way system without providing any additional traffic lighting at the major junctions so people will simply have to sit there hoping someone will let them out. This will make travelling anywhere north of the Avon an absolute nightmare, especially at rush hour. If you live in Crew’s Hole, Hanham, Conham, Willsbridge, Longwell Green, St George, Redfield, or South Kingswood YOU WILL LIKLEY BE DIRECTLY AFFECTED.

Closing Crew's Hole Rd to Eastbound traffic will cause massive financial hardship and stress for local residents and businesses. The permanent detour will add an extra mile up a steep hill and across at least two extra major junctions, every single drive home. Aside from the massive stress and inconvenience this unnecessary detour will cause residents and businesses, it will also cost them approximately £200 extra per year to finance, effectively doubling their road tax bill. (NB a slight error was noticed with the original figures so they have been amended accordingly.) 

Closing Crew's Hole Road to Eastbound traffic will also cause additional congestion and pollution in the North East Bristol area - all for the apparent benefit of a handful of cyclists and pedestrians that currently use Crew's Hole Rd. Despite the plan's apparent concern for the welfare of pedestrians and cyclists, absolutely no consideration has been made for those who use or live on the roads that will bear the brunt of the massive increase in traffic on the detour routes. (i.e. Church Road (A420), Summerhill Road ALL THE WAY TO HANHAM (A431), and the Pile Marsh Area.) Netham and Beaufort Roads will be replacing the current 'rat run' and will be effectively carrying ALL COMMUTER TRAFFIC heading towards Hanham from Feeder Road. As the council should be fully aware, traffic that is standing still not only wastes time, money and precious resources, it also causes unacceptable pollution levels: It is bad for health, bad for finances and it is bad for the planet.

It is also worth noting that by massively decreasing access to properties and local amenities in this way, Bristol Council's shocking decision will affect property prices in the area. Nobody is going to want to live (or run a business) somewhere that is nearly impossible to get to by public transport OR by car. Biking and walking is of course to be encouraged and facilities provided, but most people also require reasonable motorised options and being forced to use a 3 and a half mile Giant One Way system because there literally isn’t any other option would be completely unreasonable to most people.  

The current plan to close Crew's Hole Road to Eastbound traffic is absolutely unacceptable and must be stopped immediately. Any subsequent plans to improve the road should be made through proper consultation with those who actually rely on it for daily access to their homes and businesses, rather than quietly behind Bristol City Council's door with less than transparent reasons provided.

Decisions of this magnitude should ALWAYS be made through proper democratic process: It is OUR road, OUR city and WE should have the final say about what happens to it.

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