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A long established independent live music venue in Bristol is currently under threat from a planning application that has been submitted to Bristol City Council.

The proposal is for 24 Apartments in the adjoining building. The application has a few anomalies and states there is a warehouse next door. This is not true as it is used for customer toilets and the changing/rehearsal area for the bands. This means there is just one party wall between the venue and the proposed apartments.

This will put the venue into an unfair trading position due to noise complaints coming from the venue as well as customers leaving and bands loading out their equipment. Unless the Council reacts and helps to protect the venues, then Bristol’s world famous music scene may get squeezed so much that it will be lost. Just like over 50% of the Late night establishments in Soho London.

The venue has also been open on occasions until 6am the application states we are only open until 2am.

As a venue we are the largest in South Bristol, situated within an industrial estate and have benefited from no local residents to disturb. Fiddlers have had the most diverse genres of music in Bristol, en-richening the culture of the city. We need your help and have been put at risk like so many other venues in Bristol, The Fleece, The Thekla Jam Jar, The Surrey Vaults . Help to save us, as an important part of Bristol’s music culture, we have dedicated over 23 years to support the Bristol music scene.

We now need your support. Please sign our petition and raise your objections on the planning application on the link below.


Thank you for your support

Daniel and Joe