Build a permanent memorial in Bristol to the victims of the slave trade

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Following the toppling of the statue of Edward Colston during the recent BLM march, this petition is for Bristol City Council to build a permanent memorial in Bristol to African men, women and children sold into slavery by Bristol-based companies so as to raise awareness of this part of Bristol's history to current and future generations.

The final form and design of this memorial would be left entirely in the hands of Bristol's community of African descent, working in close partnership with Bristol City Council to determine its location within the city.

Bristol is a city of many open spaces, with some amazing statues, memorials and public art and one of the few cities where street art is actively promoted, so there is no reason why there should not be a permanent memorial to the victims of the slave trade in a place of prominence somewhere in the city.

This would serve to raise awareness to those currently living in the city and future generations, about Bristol's part in the slave trade and how much the city profited from the abduction, transportation and sale of people from West Africa to The Americas.

On Sunday June 7th 2020, the statue of Bristol slaver Edward Colston, a man who not only profited hugely from the slave trade but also further from compensation when the slave trade was abolished, was torn down during the Black Lives Matter march and was subsequently dragged through Bristol and thrown into the docks.

Bristol is a very special place with so much to be proud of but at the same we must honour the lives and memory of the 12 million African Slaves that were transported during the slave trade, and the part that Bristol Merchants played in the trade, and that this is treated with the same gravitas in the education of future generations that National Socialism is in Germany.

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