Make Bristol a Sustainable Palm Oil City

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What's the problem?

Palm oil is in over 50% of EU supermarket products. However, only 19% of all palm oil is currently produced sustainably (RSPO, 2018), meaning prolific issues such as deforestation, biodiversity loss, human rights abuses, and land degradation have become associated with the use of the crop, (Khatun et al, 2017).

Why not boycott?

Palm oil is the highest yielding oilseed crop, producing up to 9 times the amount of other vegetable oils (FAO, 2016). Boycotting palm oil would only displace and intensify the problem!

What can YOU do?

In order to ensure that these problems are reduced, we need to increase the demand for RSPO certified palm oil within Bristol! It's time to make Bristol a Sustainable Palm Oil City!

Sign here either as a: 

- Bristol-based business (and pledge to use only sustainable palm oil)

- Citizen - demonstrate that YOU want only sustainable palm oil used in Bristol!