Erect a statue to the victims of the slave trade in place of demolished Colston statue

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As a result of the statue of Edward Colston in Bristol City Centre being pulled down and pushed in the river on 7 June 2020, as part of the protests triggered by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, we propose that a new statue is erected to commemorate and honour the victims of the slave trade and racism, and to celebrate the BME community in modern day Bristol.

While the Council still needs to push to rename other locations and buildings in Bristol to remove the venerated position this name and others such as Wills hold, it is vital that the lives of those victimised by the slave trade are recognised officially and appropriately in Bristol, a city built on the money made on the profits of such a horrific trade.

We would like the new statue to be created by a member of Bristol's black community and funded entirely by the Council, to allow the opportunity for greater recognition of the many artists in the community. Alternatively, we believe it would be incredibly beneficial to have an inclusive competition, in which entrance fees would be donated to charities that support the BME community, such as Bristol Black Carers, SARI, and Project Zazi, and the winner would have their statue erected in place of Colston. Notable figures such as Paul Stephenson could be used as inspiration for what the entries could try to embody.

With petitions calling for the removal of Colston's statue collating over 11,000 signatures, there is clearly widespread demand for a greater recognition of the role of the slave trade in the city. We believe a statue as outlined above would be a good step towards honouring the victims of the slave trade.


[photo credit: PA]