Andy Bennett

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On the 7th June 2020 during a black lives matter gathering Andy Bennet decided not to further escalate a situation during the demonstration in Bristol. A small crowd of people, not the majority, decided to pull down a statue of a slave owner, Colston. Rather than intervene he made the correct decision not to further agitate the crowd by using police force. The demonstration had been peaceful up to that point before this incident happened. 

Andy Bennett made the correct decision not to use police force. After all, the event was started because of racism, and people were already affected by the death of black people due to violent acts by police officers, who failed to appropriately serve their communities.  We support his decision and call for others to support his decision. 

No one should hold him to account for doing anything but supporting his city, Bristol. We stood in solidarity during the march and I ask that you make a further stand and support Andy Bennett. He doesn’t deserve to loose his job for not wanting to incite a riot. We call on the government to reward him for his decision and not seek his dismissal.

Priti Patel we urge you to stand down and support your well performing workers, who understand and support their city. It is right that Andy Bennett remains in post and not penalised for his decision. 

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