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We’ve lost our jobs. Taken pay cuts. And some have even worked for free. We’ve separated and isolated. We’re stressed, depressed, and lonely. We’re doing everything asked of us. We’re getting stimulus, but we crave stimulation, connection, and togetherness. And although we’re out of office, this couldn’t be further away from a holiday. Holidays are no longer holidays, since COVID19.

Plus, when we’re on the other side of this, we won’t have a moment to take a breath. We’ll be putting in the work to get ourselves, our families and Australia, back on track. So we want our fellow Queenslanders to join this petition to get a day off work, on the 9th October, 2020. We want to bring everyone together for a party. To restore our confidence and trust in joining a crowd and being close again. We’re going to need it.

Sign your support for Great Friday - 9th October, 2020.

When we hit our target support numbers, we’ll take the signatures to our local MP and have it heard in parliament for consideration. We’re serious about bringing the fun back to Brisbane and Queensland. We hope you are too. By the way, you already have the Monday, 5th October off work for the Queen’s Birthday. Take three days annual leave after that and with the day we’re petitioning for, you’re looking at joining two weekends together to create a proper holiday period - 9 days to properly reconnect with family and friends.

Come on, Queensland! We need your support for this long weekend. You deserve it. Be an example to the other States - they should be asking their governments for this too. Sign the petition, unite, and get Friday, 9th October 2020, as a day off work. Join us and the Governor of Queensland as he taps the keg and opens Oktoberfest Brisbane. And let the celebration signal the end of this nightmare virus. We’ll cheers our resilience, our spirit, our togetherness, in the best way Australians (and Germans!) know how - over a beer.