Support your Clayfield Community, before it's too late! Preserve our heritage & aesthetic.

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A Development Application (DA) has been lodged with Brisbane City Council to construct a CHILDCARE CENTRE at 46 Bayview Terrace, Clayfield. Unfortunately this development will significantly affect our local community. Firstly, it will change the unique heritage and aesthetic of Clayfield forever and secondly it will create increased safety issues for the local community.

1. Preserving our unique history and heritage homes in Clayfield is paramount. Bayview Terrace in Clayfield boasts three incredible Robin Dods architectually designed homes in a row, a rare streetscape we feel proud of. The changes caused from this development if approved, will permanently alter this aesthetic and the neighbourhood forever. A large part of this beautiful Robin Dods designed home in question, will be demolished and commercial aesthetic and signage will be added to the child care centre appearance.

2. Child Safety issues are concerning and should be our number one priority.  The commercial driveway for this development, has traffic entering and exiting close to the Eagle Junction State School pedestrian crossing and back gate. The DA traffic report estimates 44 vehicles will enter and exit the childcare centre twice a day. This strip of Bayview Terrace is already congested with current drop off and pick ups and the limited parking will be hugely exacerbated causing further issues for families and our community.

Please be aware, the 15 day Public Notification Period for this DA, has not yet been released. It is critical written submittions are made only during this 15 day period. In the interim, you can help make a difference by signing this petition. In addition, consider using this time to gather your research ready to submit when notified of the submission dates. 

Thanks again for your support, together we can make a difference.