Brisbane City Council: Lift the Ban on #StopAdani stall at Green Heart Fair.

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Brisbane City Council bans #StopAdani stall at Green fair

We are a local, volunteer run, community group called Stop Adani Brisbane. We have no political affiliation and have been working to highlight the environmental and economic problems that will be caused by Adani's mine.

We have been refused a market stall at the city’s largest sustainability event – the Green Heart Fair, on the 3rd of June in Chermside, on the basis we are a ‘political organisation’.

An event coordinator for the fair admitted in a refusal email that, “The focus of Green Heart Fair is to promote the activities of local community groups and showcase solutions to assist local residents in making small changes to live more sustainably.”

It seems that the council want to be seen to be caring about the environment but really they are silencing community groups who are working for real change.

We know that if the mega Adani coal mine goes ahead, millions of tonnes of carbon pollution will wipe out any savings made through recycling initiatives and tree planting schemes.

We’re calling on Brisbane City Council to lift the ban and allow us to exercise our democratic right to have a stall at the fair.

We are a community group and we don’t have the sort of budget that fossil fuel companies have. We rely on stalls like this to reach community members with information and avenues to become involved in combating climate change.

It’s time for Brisbane City Council to show some leadership by allowing stalls for environmental volunteer groups in the city. What are they afraid of?