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Brisbane City Council, Brisbane Lord Mayor: Save the animals on Wacol Station Rd, Wacol

Hundreds of kangaroos, possums, birds and other wildlife are being killed every year on Wacol Station Rd as a result of leniency on speed limits, signage and reinforcement. Too many people are speeding well over 60kph, hitting wildlife, and then driving off, leaving the animals to die. The majority of these animals, particularly the marsupials, are being hit at dusk, dawn or during the night. As there is less traffic through the night, a lot of these animals die over the hours after they have been hit, and are only found after they are already deceased. The speed limit needs to be enforced and/or lowered through these high risk periods to ensure the animals are safe. The addition of a stationary speed camera might act as a deterrant to people speeding. Alternatively, council could implement hanging ropes or a wildlife bridge to help allow the animals to cross the road without encountering traffic.

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